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Legacy / IP Marketing

Level up the representation of your work in the physical and digital worlds.

We are specialists in strategic catalogue marketing, having worked with some of the biggest artists in the history of recorded music. We consult for both artists, management companies and rights holders to optimise catalogue curation and management, and identify opportunities to develop your audience and increase profile, thereby improving discoverability and monetisation.


Whether the focus is around an anniversary, the release of new material, a tour, a reissue project or just  general housekeeping, we will deep-dive into your whole discography and what’s currently available both physically and digitally, and present you with our recommendations on how best to move forward.


Those recommendations will also consider the artist brand more generally, including areas such as merchandise, web3 and audiovisual, to ensure all opportunities are considered. We’ll also review your current fanbase to identify options for audience development, and present you with a view of what others in the market are doing to give context to our findings.


We can also plan, manage and market any new products that are part of those recommendations, either as a one-off project or as part of an ongoing multi-year release plan.


Deadly Hits also provides research services to investors looking to acquire music catalogues.


Our main areas of consultancy services include:


Catalogue / market audit and analysis


Creative release plans


DSP (Streaming) optimisation & playlisting strategy


Global strategic catalogue marketing


Product & project management
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