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Discover the new music industry. Where fans and artists connect directly.

Web3 is where the future of the music industry lies, and Deadly Hits are your guide at this dynamic frontier.


One of the reasons we started Deadly Hits is that, in our previous lives, we had been pitched various web3 initiatives that were full of buzzwords, light on substance and of questionable value to artists, fans and rights holders. We aim to demystify the space and guide our clients towards meaningful activations, sustainable relationships and dedicated partnerships.


Web3 is merely a term used to describe the evolution of web usage, interaction and its underlying architecture and technologies. It is not a product or service.


Web3 technology offers many improvements to our current online lives. Enhanced privacy and security places more control in the hands of the individual, versus the current status quo of big tech. Users own and control their own data, and the underlying technologies are far more difficult to hack or exploit by bad actors.


Put very simply, the opportunity in web3 for artists and rights holders is to foster much closer, direct and deeper relationships with the people who matter - the fans.


Here are just some of the ways that this evolving technology can unlock value and create opportunity:


New Marketplaces for Creativity & Merchandise


Recording, Publishing and ancillary Rights Management


Enhanced and Direct Ownership of Fanbase 


Legacy Consolidation and Diversification


Increased opportunity through technologies including 5G connectivity
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