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Increase your reach, impact and engagement on the world’s biggest music streaming service.

Over two billion people around the world use YouTube every month, and as such it’s the world’s most popular service for streaming music. Ensuring your copyrights are curated and optimised correctly can have a massive, international impact and is one of the best ways to super-serve your fanbase and make it easy for new fans to find your work.


And that work isn’t just a shop window for your legacy or what you’re doing right now. Because of the number of users, YouTube is a place where you can effectively build a community and ensure that you are adequately compensated for your success on the platform.


Having worked with artists, labels, festivals and cinemas to deliver YouTube channel and product campaigns in the recent past, we are experts in YouTube optimisation for music. Numerous global artists, including The Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath through to Katy Perry and Imagine Dragons, have seen significant YouTube subscriber, view, watchtime and revenue growth under our management.


Analytics & Insights

We’ll begin with in-depth research to identify all existing content on YouTube that features your work, both official and user-generated, and make recommendations on what should be optimised, monetised or blocked. Once we start actively working on your channel, we’ll provide regular reports showing on-platform progress, and how our work is (positively) impacting on your other social channels.



Advising you on the best approach to achieve your current and longer-term objectives, we’ll work with you and any other stakeholders to create a comprehensive plan to help deliver on those objectives, whilst meantime ensuring that your work is optimised for engagement and discovery. 

Whether the focus is around forthcoming activity, or more of a “housekeeping” exercise, we will develop and deliver a Content Strategy to help grow your subscriber base, generate revenue and ensure your work is represented in the most professional way possible.



Livestream events, premieres, 4K remastered promo videos, Q&A’s, new performances, launch events, watch parties - YouTube presents many possibilities to create content and engage with your fans. But what will work best around your other activity? How much time will you need to commit? And what will actively grow your subscriber base, hit the algorithms, drive growth and discoverability, and deliver incremental sales and growth off-platform?


Rights Management

We work with rights holders to help curate and organise your YouTube presence, claiming user-generated content (UGC) for monetisation, or blocking it where appropriate. Our expertise in recorded music and publishing streamlines our application of YouTube’s policies and processes to your content.



Through our relationship with YouTube, we are continually updated on best practices to ensure that your work is highly placed in search and recommendation engines. Our curated Content Strategy (approved by you) will position your videos to drive audience development, revenue growth and discoverability.


Your branding will be consistent throughout, themed around content type and your required area of focus. We’ll also create bespoke playlists so that users are encouraged to engage with more of your work.



Your content needs to be correctly set-up and your channel eligible for monetisation - a share in advertising revenue - to optimise in this area. Optimisation of individual videos will also lead to increased views of your other content on YouTube, and drive more traffic to your social media and other online channels (eg your website). Historically, our YouTube campaigns have also driven incremental revenue for merchandise, touring, music streaming and physical product.

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