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YouTube: Innovating For The Future

Updated: May 10

As the second most visited website in the world, YouTube is entering a new era of innovation as part of their strategy. Neal Mohan, its newly appointed CEO, is working to combine cutting-edge technologies with existing entertainment value. They are reported to be looking into Web3 and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as ways to further engage users, and provide verifiable ownership of unique videos, art pieces, photos, and experiences from their favourite creators.

Mohan has an extensive background in product development at YouTube - having served as Chief Product Officer for over seven years - thus making him well suited to lead these efforts. Mohan is an integral part of YouTube's ambition to increase creators' potential earnings and help them construct successful businesses.

He sees the potential of NFTs to not only benefit creators, but also provide more lucrative opportunities for fans. But he also insists that these new advancements should be explored cautiously. Moreover, Mohan believes that the metaverse holds a great deal of promise, especially when it comes to gaming.

By offering greater interactivity with its users and a more vivid experience closer to real life, video games could potentially take new shape through this latest technology advancement. YouTube are setting their sights high for what lies ahead.

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